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Watch "Sunday Afternoon Playing Music With Friends"

Documentary created about TACO • Terrible Adult Chamber Orchestra™ by Bay Area filmmakers Kevin Ohlson & Larry Baron between 2018 and 2024. They attended hundreds of hours of TACO Sunday reading sessions and interviewed several musicians in their homes. A delightful compilation from sessions and interviews, the film shows why amateur adult musicians of all ages and diverse levels of skill, enjoy gathering one Sunday a month to play classical orchestral music together without regard for performance.

TACO • Terrible Adult Chamber Orchestra™ created by Founder, Director and Conductor Cathy Humphers Smith and Co-founder Kent Smith in 2010. At the time of the premiere of the film, in May 2024, an average of 80 musicians attend monthly sessions, drawing from a mailing list of over 900 from throughout the SF-Bay Area. TACO has authorized one spin-off group in Los Angeles, TACO LA. TACO functions as a non-profit under the fiscal sponsorship of the Los Altos Mountain View Community Foundation and is supported by individual donations and grants. Read more about TACO in Silicon Valley at


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