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  • TACO is a casual and social orchestra that meets monthly. We don't rehearse for performances.

  • There are no auditions, and all levels are welcome! 

  • TACO originates from Silicon Valley and has continued to make music since January 2011. (

  • The word "terrible" is a joke, meant to convey inclusiveness of everyone; sometimes, we're tragic; other times, we're terrific!

  • Musicians of all skill levels from beginners to local music teachers share an afternoon of music-making; more experienced musicians use TACO to practice a second or third instrument; less experienced musicians learn how to play in an ensemble, many for the first time.

  • Our library of music includes arrangements for full orchestra, from baroque and classical to pop and show tunes.​

  • New music provided every month, which you can practice ahead if you wish or practice your sight-reading skills at the gathering. 

  • To participate in TACO, you must be able to laugh at mistakes.

  • Musicians bring their instrument, a music stand, their music, and lots of good humor!

  • Sessions are $15 per musician. Guests are free and welcome to sit and observe our process.

  • Find answers to more frequently asked questions here

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